What is Bencil ?

We are excited to introduce a unique product. We are talking about a carpenter pencil. No, it's not a joke. But would you even be on this website, if we offered you a regular carpenter pencil? Of course, you wouldn’t. Carpenter pencil is an everyday thing. Therefore, everybody has long been accustomed to such disadvantages as its short life, low-quality materials, and inconvenience to use. But now, thanks to the innovative design, you have a chance to optimize all your construction processes! Bencil is the right choice for the companies and professionals who value their time!

What Makes Bencil Unique?


Reducing material costs significantly. Innovative materials increase the Bencil’s life 10 times! Can you find another carpenter pencil like this?


Increased strength characteristics. Regular wooden pencils always break at high loads. You will forget about this problem with Bencil. We use special technological solutions in production of Bencil. This ensures complete protection and durability in all situations. Due to this, Bencil holds the title of most flexible carpenters pencil in the world.


Say “No!” to wasting your valuable time! Ordinary carpenter pencil requires not only careful care, but also regular sharpening. This does not apply to our revolutionary development. Now, you do not need to constantly sharpen up your carpenter pencil because Bencil rarely needs sharpening.


Use Bencil anyplace anytime! Thanks to its innovative materials, you can use it in any situation. Bencil is water resistant. You can write on any surface with Bencil.


We know exactly what construction companies need. Due to this knowledge and numerous tests, we have been able to create a universal product that combines all the above-mentioned advantages. Bencil is the real art of the construction industry!



High quality and versatility of Bencil have been confirmed by numerous reviews by the best construction companies in the world. We are proud that our product is appreciated by the world’s best construction companies!

How to Order Bencil

Every construction professional should know what Bencil is.
Are you a representative of a construction company?
Would you like to make a bulk order for evaluation purposes?
Feel free to contact us now to discuss the terms of our successful cooperation. The main advantages of cooperating with us (we should add images or small icons to the advantages):
• We offer a truly unique and top quality product. Try Bencil and find out for yourself.
• Our company ALWAYS honors the negotiated terms and conditions.
• We are ready to be flexible when discussing supply conditions;
• World’s best construction companies are among our clients.
By ordering Bencil, you contribute to the development of your business.
Bencil is an innovative solution to the construction industry!